What keyboard combination will restart a computer system

Are you looking for what keyboard combination will restart a computer system then this article is for you with all the steps to restart your system.

Your laptop will function better and fix several common problems if you restart it. Restarting a computer prevents stalling and other issues caused by overtaxing the system by shutting down, updating helpful applications, and refreshing its memory.

In most cases, you can restart the laptop by pressing the power button or clicking commands with the mouse. What if your computer is malfunctioning or your mouse is broken, making it impossible for you to use the restart commands displayed on the screen?

Fortunately, you can use the keyboard to restart your Windows or Mac laptop. How can a laptop be restarted using the keyboard?

How to Use the Ctrl + Alt + Delete Menu to Restart Windows

Restarting a Windows computer can also be done via the Ctrl + Alt + Delete menu. If the Start menu isn’t functioning, this is probably your best choice.

To begin, open the settings panel by typing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard. Then, pick Restart from the list by clicking the Power icon in the bottom right corner. Your computer will restart right away.

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How to Restart Windows With the Alt + F4 Shortcut

By going to the Shut Down Windows dialog, you can restart your computer with ease as well. The steps you must take are as follows:

To rapidly navigate to your Desktop, press Win + D.
On your keyboard, press Alt + F4 to display the Shut Down Windows dialog.
Select Restart from the drop-down option, then click OK.

How to Restart a Computer by Using the Keyboard in Windows XP

The best course of action for dealing with Windows XP issues is frequently to restart the computer. Data loss or file corruption could happen if the computer is just turned off. You will need to use keyboard commands to shut down, though, if your mouse isn’t working. Even though the “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” last-resort shortcut is well known, Windows XP also comes with other keyboard commands that let you restart the system routinely.

The Start menu will appear once you press the “Windows” key on your keyboard. Hold down the “Ctrl” key while pressing the “Esc” key if your keyboard doesn’t include a key that displays the Windows logo.

To pick the “Shut Down” button, press the “U” key. You might need to hit “U” once more in order to choose the “Shut Down” button if you’ve changed your Start menu. To choose the button, you may alternatively hit the right arrow key.

Select “Restart” by pressing the “R” key. As an alternative, you can press the “Enter” key after using the down-arrow key to select “Restart” from the pop-up menu.

How To Restart a Windows Laptop Using the Keyboard

Do your mouse or touchpad have issues, making it difficult for you to restart your laptop normally? Not to fear, you can restart the computer by using the keyboard. Your computer can be restarted using a variety of keyboard instructions.

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Below, we’ll go over each of these approaches.

Method #1: Windows+X+U+R Command

The Shut-Down and Sign Out options will appear in a pop-up menu when you press the Windows key on your keyboard. This option gives you access to the restart command by pressing the appropriate buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Use these specific keys to restart your Windows laptop by following these steps:

Press the Windows + X keys at the same time. There is a pop-up menu.
To access the “Shut-Down and Sign Out” menu item, use the U key.
Pick “Restart” by pressing the R key. In a short while, your computer will restart.

Method #2: Ctrl+Alt+Del Command

The second method involves simultaneously pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on your keyboard while following the on-screen directions with the appropriate keys to restart your Windows PC.

This is how you do it:

Hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys at the same time.
Scroll down the menu using the Tab key until you see the Power icon.
From the Power icon, press Enter to display another menu.
Go to the “Restart” instruction using the up arrow key.
To restart the computer, press Enter once again.

How To Restart a Mac Using the Keyboard

A few buttons on the keyboard can be pressed to restart your Mac. Depending on the model, there are two ways to restart your Mac using the keyboard.

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Method #1: Control + Command + Power/Eject/Touch ID Keys

Macbook Pro models can use this technique. This is how you do it:

Control, Command, and Power (or Eject/Touch ID) must be held down simultaneously until the screen goes black.
After the machine makes a sound, let go of the keys and wait for it to restart.

Method #2: Control + Option + Command + Power/Eject/Touch ID Keys

This technique shuts down all running processes and restarts your Mac for you. To restart your Mac forcibly, adhere to these steps:

Hold down the Control, Option, Command, Power, Eject, and Touch ID keys at the same time until the screen goes black.
When the computer restarts, release the keys.


Restarting your laptop is generally beneficial for the health of your computer and can resolve hardware problems like freezing and slowing down. Restarting Windows or a Mac is as simple as tapping the appropriate keys on the keyboard. One way on Windows involves simultaneously pressing the “Windows” and “X” buttons, the “U” key, and finally the “R” key.

On a Mac, you can restart the laptop by simultaneously pressing the “Command,” “Control,” and “Eject/Power” buttons.

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