Top 5 seo tips 2020 allbdjobscircular

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In general, SEO refers to methods for raising a website’s Google ranking. The fundamental goal of SEO is to increase traffic to a site by figuring out how to rank it well. So today I will discuss the 5 best SEO tips that will help your site ranking and traffic. 

Website speed

No matter what kind of website it is, aim to maintain its loading time under 2 seconds. Work on slowing down the loading time of your website if you want to maintain a high Google rating for it. The speed of loading is a significant ranking element.

Ways to reduce the speed load of your website

Get a fast and reliable hosting company

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Buy or use a responsive theme

Use a popular caching plugin

Minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML

Optimize all your images

HTTPS is very important

Layout should be easy for visitors

Search Intent

In order for Google to recognize that you are writing for your visitor, search intent refers to the user’s requirements and what the visitor wants. When conducting keyword research, use keyword intent for this.

You must comprehend the user’s search intent or interface if you want to rank highly in Google. Therefore, you will obtain good results if you utilize the search keyword combined with the target keyword.

In Death Article

Look at the typical articles of your competitors, borrow ideas from them, and identify any holes in their coverage. Check to see if the article has any subjects. They are contained in your material. Visitors will then benefit greatly from your material. When a customer visits your website and discovers a wealth of useful information, encourage them to bookmark it.

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Update Content

Update your existing content so that Google is aware that it is performing well rather than producing brand-new pieces. Content updating entails adding new words, themes, and compelling phrases while keeping relevant visuals, advice, statistics, and data to increase bounce rates.

Long tail keywords

Keywords with more than four words are known as long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are currently used more frequently by visitors. Long tail keywords have the advantage of being simple to rank for and being used by customers to purchase any product.

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