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What is Cancer?

It is a disorder that causes abnormal and uncontrollable cell development in the body. There is no particular area of the body where it can form; instead, it can do so in any organ or tissue before spreading across the entire body.

With around eight million deaths each year, it is the second most common cause of death. Though it can now be treated in its early stages thanks to advances in science and technology. However, it becomes incurable if it progresses to the third or fourth stage.

Types of Cancer

There are approximately 200 different cancers. Each type has unique symptoms and approaches to treatment.

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Cancers of the bile duct, testicles, kidney, pancreas, bladder, cervix, fallopian tubes, breast, lung, skin, blood, prostate, kidney, and pancreas are just a few examples.

Some most common types of cancer

No one should overlook the risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer comes in many forms, but melanoma is the most prevalent.

Smokers are far more likely to develop lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer are the two forms of this.

Breast cancer is primarily a female disease. Nipple bleeding, changes in shape and texture, a lump in the breast, etc. are common indications of this.

Bladder cancer is more common in elderly persons. The most typical indication of this type of cancer is blood in the urine.

The likelihood of finding pancreatic cancer in its early stages is lower.

Kidney cancer: Kidney cancer is more common in adults and children. Renal cell cancer, Wilms tumour, and transitional cell cancer are the three primary subtypes of this.

Signs of Cancer 

Early indications of cancer include:

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Unexpected weight loss or gain, chronic pain, a fever that mostly occurs at night, skin changes, exhaustion, a persistent cough, a change in bathroom routines, bloating, headaches, excessive bruising, and stomach pain are all symptoms to watch out for.
These are a few indications of cancer in its early stages.

Nevertheless, the indications can differ depending on the type.

Social support to people who have cancer

Any person can be affected by cancer physically, emotionally, and mentally. People who receive a cancer diagnosis may experience feelings of rage, loneliness, and sadness. Therefore, it is advised to offer them emotional support.

Many medical professionals advise cancer patients to express their thoughts and feelings, think positively, partake in their favourite activities, don’t pretend to be happy, and do more things.

How to face a cancer diagnosis? 

Find the approach that works best for you because everyone has a unique way. Common advice for coping with this fatal illness includes remaining calm, sharing your emotions and feelings honestly, maintaining optimism, seeking out emotional or mental support as needed, etc.

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How do you fight cancer emotionally? 

Cancer patients can benefit emotionally from sharing their thoughts and feelings, adopting an upbeat outlook, engaging in their favourite activities, and not masking their emotions.

What are the five most common coping strategies that have been identified for cancer patients?

fighting spirit, a positive redefinition, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, and worry.

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