10 Facts About Nigerian Loan Apps

More people than you might think are taking out online loans. With the country’s harsh economic realities, these loan apps offer quick loans with no collateral and minimal documentation. However, many of the negative stories you may have heard about them are most likely true. Some of them frequently use less than civilized tactics to … Read more

How To Report Loan Apps In Nigeria

Are you looking for how to report loan apps in Nigeria then you are on the best page that will assist you with that after you might have faced harrasement. The ability of securing instant credit within minutes just after a few clicks on a loan app or a digital lending platform, and particularly without … Read more

List of 80 Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria 

Are you looking for list of fake loan apps in Nigeria, we have compiled the list of 80 fake loan apps in Nigeria nd it is updated. With a long list of fake lending apps in Nigeria and a daily growing list of fake lending companies in Nigeria without proper government intervention, even the government … Read more

List Of All Federal Government Loans In 2022

Are you a businessperson or woman, looking for a loan option in Nigeria? Do you want to know more about Federal Government loan initiatives for youths, farmers as well as households, businessmen/women or households? If yes, then you’re on the correct page. In this article we’ll show you the entire listing of Federal government loan that are available in 2022 and the … Read more

NYIF Login BVN, NYIF Loan Approval And Loan Status Check

NYIF Have you received confirmation messages from your address on the internet? NYIF Login BVN: How to Validate Your BVN On NYIF Portal NYIF: If You Haven’t Gotten Email Verification Link, Here is What You Should Do. Certain applicants have signed up for The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) however there are some applicants who … Read more

Flash Loan: How To Apply For Loan Faster

Flash Loan is the latest payday loan application developed by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited, a Fintech firm, Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited which provides Nigerians with microloans that start at the smallest amount of N2,000 up to the maximum amount of N500,000 to customers to cover their emergency needs. The users can avail collateral-free loans … Read more

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