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Hi! We appreciate you visiting Kabehaya. You are already one step closer to reaching financial stability if you are reading this article. Happy! The numerous forms of investments and how you respond to them will be covered in this article on investment styles, if analogous to animals, along with information on which sort of investment is best for you.

Consider that your financial trip is a protracted expedition that takes you to a new location. Your objective is to be able to keep as much of the money you’ve previously worked hard to accumulate—cash that is threatened by an impending storm of inflation—as you can.

Imagine that. Will you be able to make it to the destination in the heat of the journey? It appears quite challenging. Humans are restricted in terms of their strength, speed, and endurance. At the very least, we depend on animals to serve as our vehicles.

This is the rationale behind people investing their money in the hopes that even if they are too frail or old to walk, they will still be able to get to their destination.

If our type of investment is an animal that can assist us in achieving our objectives, then we may compare the degree of risk and return on an investment to some of these animals. To make the teaching process simpler, I’d want to highlight just a handful of the various animals.

Investment Style If Analogous to Animals

1. Ostrich : Speculative Portfolio Type

The majority of people do not frequently make this choice. But riding an ostrich might be a fairly alluring alternative if you want to be able to travel as quickly as you can. It is well known that this ostrich can run as quickly as a horse.

However, riding an ostrich is extremely risky due to its speed. It is still quite challenging to predict, even for a domesticated ostrich. The money we brought with us in the first place will be gone along with the ostrich if we fall from this ostrich since the ostrich won’t come back.

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This kind of investment has a high potential for profit but also a very high potential for risk. The phrase “fried stock” is frequently used in Indonesia, a country with extremely shaky stock fundamentals. However, we are tempted to investigate this financial instrument that resembles an ostrich since the ups and downs are so thrilling. But regrettably, due to their inexperience of ostrich-type investments, a lot of people soon fall into poverty rather than becoming affluent.

2. Horses: A Growing Portfolio

One of the most popular modes of transportation for many people is the horse. Usually, a lot of people who are still physically fit and have strong abdominal muscles are interested in making this kind of investment. The speed and endurance of horses are well recognized, although they are not as risky to ride as ostriches. This is comparable to when we choose a portfolio that can increase in value and generate a suitable rate of return on our investment.

Horses, however, can be a burden for humans because they are often quite difficult to move in unpleasant environments. This is similar to how this kind of horse investment will suffer greatly if there is an economic crisis in a nation.
A sound issuer with solid fundamentals that also has a relatively high level of volatility and promising future prospects is an example of this sort of investment. Examples include issuers in the coal business, the electric vehicle industry, and so on.

3. Camel : All-Weather Portfolio

We surely hope that our car animals won’t cause us any issues when the going gets tough. On the other hand, we are aware that camels are not known for being fast. However, the camel has consistently succeeded in earning a reputation for strength and steadiness.

This form of investment is also one that is quite steady and is not too affected when an economic storm strikes, much as a camel can survive even in extremely hot weather and a shortage of water.

Examples of investments that illustrate the camel type are stock investments that have a very large market cap, or in money market mutual funds or bonds.

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4. Cattle / Buffalo : Portfolio for Life

Although we might ride a cow or a buffalo, we shouldn’t count on them to transport us too far. We could elect to stop on a distant, safe location and establish cattle and buffalo farms there instead of continuing on with this lengthy voyage with these cows and buffaloes. Buffalo are excellent in loosening the soil, but cows are excellent at producing milk. Therefore, we have the potential to become issuers who just seek dividends from the issuer. not trying to profit from stock price fluctuations.

Which animal is superior if you’re unsure?

Multiple types can be selected at once. Let’s simply say that in order to accomplish our objectives, we are building an animal colony. We may use 60% horses, 20% ostriches, 20% camels, 10% horses, 90% cows, etc. Diversifying our investments such that they are carried by a variety of animals is nothing improper.

Keeping in mind that every sort of investment has benefits and drawbacks is important. A skilled rider will be aware of when he has to use his horse, camel, or cow to go where he’s going. Because every investment type will have a unique, dazzling momentum.

Spend some time understanding your financial objectives as well as any potential dangers associated with the investments you are considering. We should truly base our decisions on our own judgment rather than imitating others.

The final piece of advice is to stick to your current investment strategy as long as your circumstances are satisfactory rather than opting to try other investments that other people claim to be exceptional. It’s beneficial to learn from the investment strategy of others. However, if we don’t properly comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of investment vehicles used by others, this will develop into a significant issue in the future.

Which Animal Represents Your Trading Style?

We’ve all looked at animal behaviour and compared it to our own at some point. We say “S/he is such a chicken-hearted person” when referring to someone who is frightened, timid, or faint-hearted. Similar connections have been made between other animal behaviour and investor trading strategies. Although there are many analogies that may be made, these 11 animals are mostly used to illustrate the stock market trading activity of inventors.

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1. Bull

Bulls are powerful and upbeat animals. You must have seen events honouring roaring bulls all around the world frequently. In a similar vein, bullish investors constantly have a favourable outlook on the market and make more investments. They think that the economy will continue to be steady and that rising demand would lead to more consumption. As a result, their trading strategy favours markets that are rising.

2. Bear

A bearish investor, in contrast to bulls, consistently maintains a gloomy attitude on the market. Bearish investors typically sell their positions before the market crashes, much like a bear who decides that the winter days are dismal and goes into hibernation. They think that rising stock market movements are just ephemeral, that the economy will eventually trend downward, and that their money will be lost.

3. Pig

Pigs are selfish creatures. Even for minor rewards, they have a tendency to endure great discomfort. As a result, a pig investor trades quickly. Such investors frequently go above and beyond to secure a position, even at the risk of minimal earnings. As a result, they take on a great deal of risk and ultimately lose more money.

4. Chicken

Chicken is a symbol for someone who is frightened or timid. Chicken investors are the ones who are initially attracted to illogical investment advice from friends and relatives in the stock market. However, they lack the perseverance to hold onto their investing positions. Even a modest decline in the markets causes them to panic. They eventually wind up making more losses than gains.

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