How to Unfreeze Opay Account

Are you looking for How to Unfreeze Opay Account then this blog post is for you with all the necessary steps to unfreeze your opay account.

According to the corporation, Opay Nigeria has suspended the accounts of its customers who are allegedly engaging in questionable transactions.

According to the payment platform, the impacted accounts were blocked as a result of fraud reports, password and payment PIN mistakes, suspicious transactions or account activity, and blocked accounts.

On Monday, Opay tweeted, “The recent barring and freezing of selected Opay accounts were carried out in line with regulatory and financial requirements.

“Please be aware that Opay will never arbitrarily ban your account; instead, it will only do so in response to fraud reports, password and payment PIN mistakes, suspicious transactions or account activity.

“Opay and the appropriate regulatory organizations are now investigating all occurrences of suspended accounts.”

Opay account locked simply implies that you are unable to do or carry out any debit operations with your Opay account, such as money transfers, data and airtime purchases, and online purchases.

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Reasons for locking your OPay account

not finishing the KYC levels
Opay account not linked to any BVN
Opay account has been used for a while.
attempting to commit financial fraud via an Opay account
Opay account access via unregistered devices

Verify your email address and phone number to finish the registration process for your account.
Enter it and connect your OPay account to your BVN.
Complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process. The Central Bank of Nigeria has developed KYC standards to help combat financial fraud and identity theft. Opay offers up to four levels of KYC, including an agent level.
OPay has a customer service number, an email address, and social media accounts.

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