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How To Make BBNaija Audition Video

 This post will not only teach you How To Make BBNaija Audition Video but also tutor you on details about the BBNaija application and registration process.

This article will help you to strategically know How To Make BBNaija Audition Video and know what to saying as you apply for BBNaija season 7 which the form has officially been throw out to all intending applicant which are ready for the biggest reality television show in Africa.

The audition of BBNaija season 7 was slightly announced on May 14 by IK during the ending part of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award, AMVCA . The official announcement of BBNaija season 7 came in on Sunday May 15 2022 on all Africa Magic social media platforms and the officially website has started allowing BBNaija applicants to upload video as there will be no face to face audition at the initial stage of selection.

Its really a relief of rumour that have been circulating the internet concerning the commencement of BBNaija 2022, the organizer announced that every applicant for BBNaija should upload a 3 minute video which started on May 15 2022 and will end May 30 2022. The organisers also sensitize intending applicant that BBNaija form is absolutely free and i will try to tell you that do not pay anyone to get into the house, you will end up falling victim of scam.

Unlike previous seasons that applicant upload 2 minute video, this season requires 3 minutes video , the organisers even used the opportunity to announce their proud sponsor, Abeg and associate sponsor, Flutturewave

The biggest problem of most BBNaija applicants is How To Make BBNaija Audition Video, what to say in the video and how best can an applicant sell himself or herself in a 3 minute video .

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Every applicants for BBNaija season 7 should know some basic requirement of the show before uploading the mandatory 3 minute video. If you dont meet the below basic requirement it will be strongly adviced that you do not need to upload any audition video because if you are finally picked, you will need the below information before you can move to the next round.

Carefully take a proper look at these BBNaija basic requirement and check if you meet the requirement before applying .

BBNaija Basic Requirement

  • You must be a Nigerian citizen over 21 years of age.
  • Non Nigerian can not apply
  • At least applicant must have WAEC or NECO certificate
  • Applicant must have NIN ( National Identification Number)
  • Applicant must possess valid international passport
  • He or she must be sound medically ( physically and mentally ) to endure the pressure of the stated number of days in the BBNaija house
  • Applicants that are lucky to proceed to the next round but be ready to unveil himself or herself through a face to face interview or through any video streaming medium
  • It is important to always check your E Mail messages because that is the only authentic way to know that you have been selected from millions of applications
  • Applicants will be sent an E Mail message of not later than a month after application if he or she was selected for audition.
  • Applicants must be ready to travel to Lagos for the final screening
  • If you are finally selected to live in the house, ensure you make you agree with your employer and family in advance for your extended absence. all these are need to help you on how to register for BBNaija 2022
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After you have read the basic requirement before going for BBNaija 2022 then then thing is the 3 minute that will take you to the next level, you need to know that over 20 million application is expected for this season of Big Brother Naija .

The major aspect of your applicant is the 3 minute video which will be uploaded to Africa Magic website.

How To Make BBNaija Audition Video

Below are very important tips on How To Make BBNaija Audition Video and we strongly advise you to take note of the below tip before you apply for this year edition of BBNaija , it is not a case of who submitted first, it is a case of who they picked kindly take your time to read it carefully and you should be picked.

What to say in big brother audition video

The 3 minute video is the most important part of your application and this is the area at which most applicants get it wrong, the very best way to go about the 3 minute video are.

Stand out

The very first thing is to differentiate yourself from the crowd, it expected that millions of videos will be lined up for the judges to watch so making your video stand out from the multitude should be your mission

It is not about the most beautiful or most handsome applicant but it is the applicant that catches their attention and break from the norm that they are looking for.

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Self confidence

As an applicant, it is important that you look confident of yourself as you sell yourself within 3 minute, you must make sure to work on your self confidence before you start the video.

Be Yourself

This might sound somehow but you do not have to lie about your personalities because you will be interviewed in the next round. If you were raised in Nigeria then you do not need to sound like an american.

Sell yourself

You have the whole 190 seconds to sell yourself to the judges and do it to the very best of your abilities and do not forget the above tips. Do not forget to put real life examples as you sell yourself.

Do not forget to share interesting things about you and your environment, where you are from , what you do and hobbies.

Hold the camera steady or get the assistance of someone professional .

Please shoot horizontal nd in a very clear place and try not to wear anything that will block your face.

Get a very nice and good looking environment which is also noise free.

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