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How To Borrow Credit From Flow

Are you looking for how to borrow credit from flow then this article is for you with all the details about how to borrow credit from flow.

How To Borrow Credit From Flow

For you to borrow credit from flow is very easy kindly follow these steps.

1.Dial *536#

2. Select Top Up Loan Amount

3. Confirm Top Up Loan

4. Enjoy

What is the code to borrow credit from FLOW?

New and existing FLOW prepaid subscribers can easily request for a loan through the USSD menu by dialing *536#.

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How do you borrow credit from FLOW step by step?

The steps to borrow credit from below are

1.Dial *536#

2. Select Top Up Loan Amount

3. Confirm Top Up Loan

4. Enjoy

Flow Lend is service that lets Flow customers with prepaid accounts to apply for a credit advance (loan) to their account. Loans from Flow Lend are available for voice calls, data/Internet, and for sending SMS. Only customers who have prepaid Flow have access to the service. The loan amounts available are:

What is Flow Lend?

FLOW Lend is an online service that permits Flow customers who have prepaid accounts to get access to credits advance (loan) to their account. The loans offered by Flow Lend can be used to make calls, data/Internet, and also for sending SMS.

Can an Flow Prepaid subscriber ask for to lend Flow?

All FLOW subscribers who are prepaid can apply for loans through their USSD menu, by calling 536# or by using the the Flow app. Only the outstanding loan, a subscriber is not able to apply for a loan again.

Can an FLOW prepaid subscriber get an FLOW Lend loan request when traveling?

Yes the FLOW prepaid subscriber receives an FLOW Lend request when roaming. They can also can apply for an installment loan.

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Can customers who are not FLOW Prepaid want to borrow FLOW Lend?

Non-FLOW customers are not able to apply for the loan.

Can FLOW postpaid customers need to request a FLOW loan?

The FLOW postpaid customers cannot request the loan.

Can a Prepaid subscriber request FLOW loans?

A prepaid subscriber to FLOW can avail as many loans as they wish, so they are sure that any previous loan is completely paid off. If there is a balance that has not been paid the prepaid subscriber would not be eligible to take on a new loan.

What can a paid subscriber pay back an FLOW Lend loan?

A FLOW prepaid customer can pay back a loan with an online recharge purchase using vouchers, direct top up online top up and international top-up as well as credit transfers. The value of the recharge is added to the loan amount. The promotional balance will not be used to pay back the loan.

If a prepaid subscriber is carrying an outstanding FLOW Lend balance on their loan and is able to take part in the FLOW prepaid promotional. How is the repayment of this FLOW Lend loan treated?

If a recharge is made by a subscriber who has prepaid and will be subject to specific promotion the promotional balance generated from it won’t be able to pay back a loan that is in default.

Which is the time frame for repaying the FLOW Loan?

The FLOW subscribers who have prepaid will be asked to repay any loans in 15 days for points, however the borrower will be given 30 days to pay back the loan.

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How does it affect a FLOW prepay subscriber if they go over the time to pay back for the FLOW Loan?

Repays: If a prepay subscriber has exceeded the 30 day timeframe to pay, but does not pay back before he reaches an inactive state, the debt is considered to be as repaid. Repays in part: If you are a FLOW Prepaid Subscriber and is able to make a partial payment within over the following 30 days from the date the date of their loan the balance due remains and will be taken out of any subsequent recharge. In the event that a subscriber does not repay, an FLOW Prepaid subscriber fails to pay within the 30 days and then ceases to be active the service will be cut off and his balance will be considered a bad credit.

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