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How BBNaija Became a Multi Billion Naira Advertising Goldmine

 Brand custodians and companies are able to leverage images to tell their story in captivating and memorable ways which can create more emotion and impact than mere words. Beautiful, custom and unique photography is able to transcend the everyday details of a particular situation.

It is because of this that major companies in Nigeria are battling each other to be associated with the wildly popular reality show Big Brother Naija or BBNaija in order to keep their target viewers ahead of rivals in their respective fields.

BBNaija is well-known for its strong dose of exhilaration. Everyday, Nigerians are faced with multiple challenges that place an immense strain on their minds. Being able to see their true character exposed during the show, creates a powerful connection, which is evident in the fan-base that is displayed in social media. This is why Big Brother Naija turns out to be an exciting ride for viewers, fans, and in general, every Nigerian who is interested in pop culture.When one looks at the show from this angle the popular television series is evaluated by its financial worth. The whole show can be profitable for everyone who is involved in its production, marketing, and advertising. Participants are usually financially better off once they have left the premises. Sponsors can reap their benefits through the areas of PR and advertising. Every participant in the show will be either winning or another.

A lot of brand fans and critics have praised the original and constant method MultiChoice Nigeria has adopted in making use of the reality show platform to promote Nigerian-made products and services.
Here’s the most important question What’s the ROI of your investment in BBNaija? BBNaija show? Are all the numbers adding to provide the real economic value? Yes they do. BBNaija is a positive box for a great business. In the year 2018, Plaqad, a marketing and public relations technology business, conducted a study which examined the impact of the show both directly and indirectly. of the event on the Nigerian economy as well as the wider society. The results of their study provide evidence which support this.
Three strategic important areas are impact of the overall message, the value of media to sponsors and popularity among younger people.

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Similar to previous editions, BBNaija 2020 was no different. BBNaija ended on the 3rd of October in 2020. The event saw a candidate, Laycon, emerging the most popular candidate, following other contestants (including Dorathy, Nengi, Vee and Neo) did not generate more votes. It is a contest of popularity that is largely influenced by the actions of candidates and the fervent campaigning by supporters, which encourages viewers to pay to show their vote and to keep their favourite at home. The lockdown edition gathered over 900 million votes across mobile, SMS, the website and the DStv and GOtv Apps. These figures confirm the impact and popularity that the program has had.

The value of sponsorship for BBNaija according to the experts who surveyed is estimated at billions of Naira approximately N10 billion. The attention, discussions and general awareness created by the show make it an attractive option for companies seeking to spread the word out about their company.

This is evident from the numerous mentions made by the previous advertisers of the event. The top-of-mind-awareness, share of mind and share of voice BBNaija offers partners makes it a top choice for many smart brands. It’s no wonder that the show is able to draw top Nigerian companies as sponsors each season. The online retailer Payporte was the main sponsor of the seasons 2017-2018. Nigeria’s betting site for sports, Bet9ja, replaced Payporte as the main sponsor in 2019 as betting giants Betway was chosen as the main sponsor for this edition in 2020. The 2021 edition will feature Social Payment Platform, Abeg has been chosen as the principal sponsor and Patricia as the associate sponsor for season 6. Other category sponsors throughout the years have included Pepsi, Heritage Bank, Nokia, Oppo, Tecno, Minimie, Guinness, Darling Hair, Dano Milk, Close Up, IVM, Revolution Plus, Travelbeta and many other notable brands.

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At the core of BBNaija’s influence is young people. Young people are a valuable consumer since they can influence the purchase decisions of their friends as well as their families. Apart from being consumers, teenagers are able to influence where their family’s holiday destinations are, their choice of car, as well as the clothes they wear with their friends. A brand or product instantly is portrayed as “being cool,” if it is popular among youngsters.

If you’re watching a reality show that isn’t a typical talent hunt, it’s difficult to assess the significance BBNaija offers youngsters. The majority of viewers of BBNaija, the value is clear with 84% saying the show has great advantages for youth, by offering opportunities to succeed. They feel the show offers young people the chance to explore their own talents and interact with other people and showcase their talents before the rest of the world. There appears to be a general consensus among the respondents that the show is an excellent platform for contestants to excel in their personal pursuits as evident by the impressive leaps they have made since they have left Big Brother. Big Brother house.

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Young people are crucial to a variety of markets, from fashionto technology, mobile, snacks, alcohol and entertainment. Without them many businesses wouldn’t even exist. The audience they represent spends money and also inspire others to follow suit. BBNaija gives brands a proven path to their customers’ hearts
In the final analysis of the overall evaluation, the fact that the show has created an excellent advertising opportunity for owners of brands is not overstated as companies are always eager to being associated with any company that could bring their brand into the hands of customers and the BBNaija “Shine Ya Eye” season is no exception. As the show enters its third week the housemates have created an excitement among viewers that suggests that the season ahead will be another rollercoaster of a season

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