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History & Objectives of Big Brother Naija

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This is where we’ll find all the details regarding the BBNAIJA show that will be held in 2021.

BB NAIJA Brief History

Big Brother Naija previously called Big Brother Nigeria is a reality television show based upon Big Brother, the Big Brother TV series in which 12 contestants reside in a secluded house and vie for a massive cash prize of $100000 at the end of the show , by staying clear of being kicked out by the viewers.

Season 1 of The Simpsons airs through DStv Channel 37 from March 5 until June 4 in 2006. The results of the voting are confirmed by the auditing firm of Alexander-Forbes.

The initial episode of the series was telecast in the DStv channel 37 from March 5 to June 4, 2006. DStv Channel 37 from March 5 through June 4 2006. To add the twist of the show, two new contestants were revealed on Day 23 to the delight of the housemates.

Ebuka The most viewed housemate during the course of the show, and widely believed to be the winner was the seventh housemate to be removed and many fans blame Joe’s Fan Club (JFC) for his deportation.

Joe his self was shortly removed from the show.

Big Brother added another twist to the game on day 79. This was by not allowing the day’s nominations and making the housemates believe that they would instead be kicked out in accordance with their performance on the tasks they were assigned, but there was no evidence that expulsions were scheduled and the viewers started voting for the winner. The winner was actually the 26 year old Katung Aduwak.

Season 2 of Big Brother Nigeria (entitled Big Brother Naija) began 11 years after the premiere season. Efe Ejeba won the second season in 2017.

The Miracle Igbokwe who hails from Imo State emerged winner of the third season of 2018.

What is BBNaija, How Long Does the Show Last?

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija or BBN) is a Nigerian reality television show that airs on South Africa.

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It is exclusively shown on Multichoice-owned cable TV, DSTV and GOTV .

The program lasts for about the duration of three (3) months. The show is being viewed mostly in terms of weeks and days.

Objectives Of The Show

BBnaija is built on the basis that is “reality”.

It’s a kind of social experiment that seeks to bring people with different backgrounds, cultures and experiences to work and live together.

Diversity and unity is the main motive behind the show.

The housemates are encouraged and allowed to lead”normal” lives “normal lives”.

They’re free to do whatever they want so in compliance with the rules of the house.

Throughout the duration of the show Contestants are referred to”housemates “housemates”.

They are typically selected from an applicant pool who are interested in taking part in the competition.

In the past over the years, there’s been around 50 housemates.

Housemates must be open-minded adults who are willing to follow all rules in the household.

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BBNaija Location

As previously mentioned the event is held by South Africa. But, pre-selection activities are held across Nigeria.

How the Show is Run; What Happens in Big Brother House

During the Big Brother Naija show, the housemates remain within The Big Brother House without any kind of communication with external sources.

They aren’t allowed to bring any electronic gadgets inside the home.

The language of official communications is English.

The use of vernacular language or other “coded” means of communication is not permitted, unless required.

However, “Big Brother” or “Biggie” (an invisible voice that is represented by a large eye) is believed to be the “owner” of the BB Naija house.

Biggie is considered to be omnipresent throughout the house.

The eyes on the logo’s logo indicates that he is able to see everything.

He has the absolute power to pass laws and to decide the daily operations of his house. He can also add twists that add some excitement.

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It is important to note that three occasions of the event have been successfully held.

The previous editions have been deemed to be very effective which is why there is a massive following across the globe.

Beyond the applause, there are a series of critiques particularly due to the numerous recordings of sexually explicit scenes.

This is the main point of the background and the goals of BBNAIJA.

This is the view we say about the topic. ” History & Objectives of Big Brother Naija | All You Need To Know About BBNaija?”.

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