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Full Details Of BBNaija 2022 Housemates

The much-anticipated Big Brother Naija Season 7 show is finally out Let’s see each of our Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates. BBNaija Season 7 kicks off with a two-part launch show, scheduled for the 23rd day of July in 2022, and on Sunday 24th July 2022.

Multichoice The producers of BBNaija Season 7 promises that the housemates of this Season will prove to be even more exciting You shouldn’t not be a part of the drama, excitement and suspense. Learn more on Big Brother Naija 2022 Housemates by reading our guide to their profiles below.

We’ll see all 24 Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates consisting of 12 housemates of males and females that will keep viewers entertained for the next 72 consecutive days. 


Full Name: Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue

Fashion entrepreneur, artist and model Groovy is a determined 26, born in Anambra State. He has a B.Sc. on Biochemistry at The University of Lagos and loves exercising and maintaining an active life.

Groovy thinks that his argumentative personality might rub his Housemates off in the wrong direction. “I do not back down when I think I’m correct regarding something, unless facts prove me wrong. I’m also very firm and don’t change my mind to please people else than it’s what’s right to do.

He has run a clothing and accessories company for the last four years. He also plays music and believes that Big Brother Naija can help him establish an impression on the world.

“I would like to be famous rich, powerful, and powerful. I’d like to be a voice of changes in my own country as well as around the globe and this is the platform for me to show who I am and what I am able to show the world.

Groovy intends to take his show into the upper echelon by making it as entertaining and fun as he can. Groovy doesn’t intend to violate the rules of Groovy. Let’s find out if he stays true to his word.


Full Name: Beauty Etsanyi Tukura

Beauty has done a remarkable job in being a model for her. The lawyer of 24 years of Taraba State was crowned Miss Nigeria in the year 2019 which made her the 43rd beauty to be crowned Miss Nigeria at the contest. The beauty also held the title of ‘Most Beautiful Taraba’ title from 2015 until 2017.

Beauty says she is a generous, warm honest and reliable free-spirit. She believes that when she sets her mind to something, she will be successful in achieving it. One of the low points in her life was when she had to write for the Nigerian Bar Exams after failing the first time. Being the only child of four siblings Beauty loves the affection of her family, the constant guidance and the unending support that this position provides her.

Why Big Brother Naija? “I am a fan of a good competition and am extremely engaging. In addition, I require the opportunity to grow my image in the world of Beauty Tukura. I know that my participation in the House is going to change my life, and I’m ready to make that transition and all it brings,” she says.

While Beauty might drink a bit often however, she’s still an A-! Beauty hopes that her honesty and the way she tries of “go with the flow” will see her through to the finish line.


Full Name: Ismail Rukuba Ahalu

Khalid does not like beating his drum in the realm of relationships. His concept of having fun is spending time around the best people engaging in meaningful conversations and taking part on extreme sporting events.
He loves shooting, skating and basketball, as well as watching anime, and is a huge fan of mythology.

The graphic designer of 22 years is a freelance graphic artist and artist is from Plateau State loves to try new things, and believes himself to be charming.

Khalid who claims to be “chronically single”, is not in search of romance at the moment However, he feels that he has is in the right place as far as friendship is involved which is plenty. He views the Big Brother Naija House as an opportunity to promote himself as well as meet new people.

“With my skills I’m sure that I’m meant to achieve more than what I’m currently doing. My family and friends never cease to remind me that I must remind myself and them to do my best,” he says.

Khalid is all set to take his game to the next level because he is promising to show charisma, intellect and be a good team member in the house. If he’s not the greatest cook? Will he deprive his housemates?


Full Name: Ilebaye Odiniya

21-year-old Ilebaye is a criminalology as well as security studies student as well as business owner. She is a fan of swimming, parties bowling, shopping and partying and is an adventurous, controversial go-getter.

Ilebaye isn’t a believer in love and believes that romantic relationships are based on the pretence of it. “Maybe one day I will find a reason to believe in love, for now, not a chance,” she says.

She is rude and has a casual manner of speaking, which could cause a ruckus with her Housemates however, she will compensate for this by being friendly and fun to spend time with.

Ilebaye believes that Big Brother Naija is the ideal platform for her to promote herself and gain attention and exposure for business. “Let’s not forget all the other opportunities that come with being a BB Naija Housemate”.

Ilebaye won’t be here to bore you. She is pledging to bring all of the Generation Z energy into Biggie’s House. If she had her way to do so, there would be an all-day party!


Full Name: Bright Hidi Nwekete

Movie addict, artist and music lover Cyph is from Imo State and studied Electrical Engineering at Madonna University. He is a fan of fashion, food, travel and cruises and admits that he can be quite mysterious. “I’m goofy, sociable and playful too though, so that balances it out,” he says.

His mantra is: “You have only one life to live’. Cyph makes sure to remember this when he’s having disagreements with family members by resolving any disagreements quickly. The 27-year-old is the first to admit that his love for happiness, however, he can be prone to cry whenever someone makes him unhappy. Though he’s not in an intimate couple, Cyph is keeping his sights focused on someone else outside of the House at the moment.

Why should you sign to Big Brother Naija? “I’ve always dreamed of being seen or recognized outside of my phone, home and my friends. I have much to contribute to the world and I consider BB Naija as the beginning step”.

There is nothing more than tension, excitement and ride out of Cyph at The Big Brother Naija House.


Full Name: Chiamaka Crystal Mbah

“I am in between being a spoilt brat and a disciplined child”. The opening lines are sassy from 23-year-old health worker and Anambra State native Amaka. Amaka, who is self-professed to be daddy’s child, only one sibling. She is the only daughter in her family, and is a lover of the generous men.

Her mantra is “Grab her by the head, and forge ahead’. This has allowed her to navigate the lows and highs that life throws her. Amaka admits that she joined Big Brother Naija to not just win, but also for fun and to get to know new people, and also to smack all of her ex-boyfriends.

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Amaka admits she might seem threatening or mean, and “extra”, but people are always able to see she’s as soft as jelly when they become acquainted with her. Amaka is the first person to admit that she talks frequently, something that some of her Housemates might consider annoying. “I am a large parrot! There is no need to pay me. I’m available at no cost and non-stop,” she says.

Even though she confesses to having anger, Amaka believes she can make the right choice by being truthful. “You will always know where you stand with me”.

Amaka is going to take matters to the next step by becoming our individual Nigerian from Nicki Minaj. Her strengths are being unique and real, and her weaknesses include being emotionally tense and overly impatient. Do these traits make her vulnerable?


Full Name: Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu

Kess is a 28-year-old married businessman who loves living life to the highest degree. Family is the most important thing to Kess and he has among his siblings his most trusted friend. “He is the equivalent of a twin brother to me. I am a proud mother of my family. The struggles we faced made us stronger and I’m grateful to have them in my life”.

He says he is an “show-stopping, jaw-dropping human being” and is extremely proud of his skills. “I can do everything. Can I sing but I’m not quite on Wande Coal’s levels, ha. I dey dance small. I am a bit tiny. I’ve never considered anything seriously, because man has to be able to endure first.” the man says.

Kess is determined and believes in his character, something that others might find annoying. Being a part of Big Brother Naija House Big Brother Naija House has always been his goal. “Anybody familiar with me is aware of that I am a dreamer. I am a fan of the show, and I’ve always imagined myself in it”.


Full Name: Daniella Utangbe Peters

If she’s not writing poems or performing, or singing or acting, you’ll find Daniella exercising and staying in shape. She is against bullies with conviction as well as believes that fairness is the key to success. As such, she’s often “the defender” during heated argument.

Daniella enjoys getting to know new people. She describes herself as a resilient active, energetic and attentive. She has twin brothers as well as five brothers older than her and one younger sister. She enjoys being part of a large family. While she is just getting out of a relationship that was toxic, Daniella remains a firm believer that love is real and she’s looking forward to finding it in the future.

When asked about the behavior that might be a source of irritation to her household members, she states: “Based on research, it’s probably my sensibility. I’m extremely aware of the non-verbal and verbal communication. My pettiness is anotherthing, even though I’m not one for drama. Also, I am quite unpredictable”.

Daniella believes that Big Brother Naija is the ideal platform to showcase her talent. “I would like to work in the entertainment business. I believe that this is where I am”.

Daniella is ready to leave her mark! She is determined to ensure she’s seen by everyone by everyone in The House as well as her presence noticed. Housemates can trust her she will not to take food items.


Full Name: Saviour Ikin Akpan

A licensed pharmacist, Pharmsavi is a confident , multi-talented extrovert and has “an amazing sense of humour”. The pharmacist is passionate about his life and acting specifically and is keen to explore the profession as a career soon.

Pharmsavi loves to travel, dance as well as playing games on video and has a wide circle of friendsdue to his sociable, boisterous personality. He doesn’t like deceit, hypocrisy and slander and believes that he is emotionally and competitive. Graphic design is his passion and, when he is free Pharmsavi is usually playing table tennis.

What are the habits that could irritate his Housemates while he is within the household? “I am an obsessive. Everyone says I have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) because I love things to be tidy and neat,” he says.

Pharmsavi is hoping that Big Brother Naija can help him to kickstart his ambition to become an actor professional. “I also want to create awareness on drug abuse and misuse, especially among the youth”.

Pharmsavi claims he has “the medicine for all madness” in this season’s Big Brother Naija. He is pledging to stay active and entertaining during his experience inside the House.


Full Name: Ijeoma Josephina Otabor

Ijeoma says she is “allergic to malice”. She’s a bit irritable and will be a thorn in someone’s side for a moment, and then converse with them the nextas if nothing occurred.
Single and believe that she is an entertainer by birth. “My view on relationships is: Na mumu dey fall in love”.

The 25-year-old hype woman is a bit jovial and says she’s not averse to gossip. “I do not support gossip and most people know that I am against it. It’s not a good idea to gossip about someone to me.” she says.

One of her skills is fixing home appliances, and she considers that her college graduation was among the greatest memories of her life. “I never thought I would be able to further my education in a higher institution of learning”. Phyna has decided to pursue Big Brother Naija House. Big Brother Naija House because of a single reason: she is determined to be a part of the solution.

Phyna will strive to improve her skills and to give us the smile and acoustic. She is convinced she will succeed. Big Brother Naija fans will enjoy her because she’s friendly but they might think she’s too strict.


Full Name: Brian Chkuwuebuka Chiji

Singer and writer Bryann has Wande Coal Vybz Cartel as well as Angelique Kidjo as his musical heroes. The 24-year-old Imo State, Nigeria Imo State started releasing music in the year 2019, and then released a full-length collection in 2021.

Though he is a little down-to-earth and reticent, Bryann enjoys meeting new people, having fun and watching films. “I consider myself to be an extravert. This is a combination of being an extrovert and introvert. I experience random bursts of energy and low energy days, however, I know how to handle individuals in both circumstances,” he says.

Bryann is most happy when he’s creating and is hoping that Big Brother Naija will provide him with a platform to engage with the public and increase his social currency, and make his music more popular.

The Housemates, however they might be a bit offended by his frequent late-coming and poor memory. “I’m super forgetful, so I sometimes forget to pitch for meetings on time,” the man admits with a laugh.

Energy, vibes, and swag are what Bryann is known for. Bryann will bring the show Big Brother Season 7. Bryann says he’s a threat because he’s extremely confident and is able to be able to handle any circumstance.

Christy O

Full Name: Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu

Christy O is a beauty entrepreneur , who owns an online cosmetics company. She is a flamboyant 24-year-old who models in her spare time as well as believes in giving others a second chance.

The woman describes herself an “funny, smart and hardworking extrovert” and says that it is more likely to meet herself “where the fun is” at any time. When she’s not out hiking or taking a picnic out with her family, Christy O makes time to write poetry.

Her biggest weaknesses? “I’m a perfectionist, which means I’m usually not satisfied with a result, especially when a task has been performed by someone else”. She’s also often sarcastic and argumentative, characteristics which could be a source of irritation for her housemates.

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In spite of all this, Christy O feels she’s the perfect person to handle this situation. “I have a great ability to put on a successful show. “Big Brothers Naija is about entertainment and educating, as well as being creative. I believe I could be excellent at it,” she says.

Christy O is ready to bring good energy, excitement and amazing energy to your House Be careful with your steps because she is averse to lying and will always tell that she is honest.


Full Name: Chidimma Esther Okagbue

A 25-year old Bella is a funand active UNILAG graduate and creator of content. She enjoys traveling, swimming as well as photography and creating connections. She is “a no-nonsense person who gets pissed off easily” and is competitive since she enjoys winning.

Bella admits that most of her male friends since she has a hard time getting along with women. “It always leads to jealousy and gossip,” she declares which she tries to stay clear of at all times.

What behaviors are most likely to cause her Housemates to be upset? “My bluntness. I’m fearless, and I don’t hide my opinions. I speak the truth as it is and people do not like hearing the truth”.

Bella has decided to join Big Brother Naija because she would like to be wealthy and famous. “I would never wish to present myself. I would like to enter a room and be recognized. I am a lover of peace and happiness that is intentional”.


Full Name: Eloka Paul Nwamu

“I’m the next big thing out of Naija and I auditioned to make the House freaking fantastic,” are the words of confidence from Eloswag 27, a 27-year-old internet marketing professional and content creator from Lagos.

Alongside being energetic and confident, Eloswag, who counts his mother as his superhero believes he’s popular with women. “I’m a great guy and the ladies love me,” Eloswag tells us with a smile.

Eloswag is not dating currently and admits that he’s not looking to be boo’d by the media as he’s been “served his breakfast” a few times. “Besides, I feel relationships only work better if you have money”.

He enjoys trying out new things and believes that Big Brother Naija is just the right show for him. “I enjoy networking and am looking forward to having amusement. I believe this platform was made to help the young and those who are chosen to compete, and I feel I’d suit perfectly to the task,” he says.


Full Name: Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David

Doyin describes her character as a blend that is a mix of Michelle Obama and Cardi B and is not afraid to display her own personality, based on the situation. The 26-year-old has been described as “a box of surprises, and you never know what you’ll get”.

When she’s not busy working being a medical radiographer you’ll see Doyin enjoying reading and partying Although she could appear to be an arduous person however, she’s an absolute softie inside. Making friends isn’t easy for Doyin since a lot of people aren’t able to handle the way she is brutally honest be. But, she’s thankful to have two close family members who mean the world to her.

Doyin hopes that Big Brother Naija can alter her direction in life. “I find medical school boring, and I’m looking to find out if there’s something I can do in the entertainment field. Additionally, I want to earn more money than what I’m making now,” she says.


Full Name: Adekunle Tobilola Olopade

Adekunle is a 27-year-old online marketing expert from Lagos. He describes himself as “a self-actualised introvert” who is proud to be an entrepreneur who solves the problems of others.

If he’sn’t thinking of making a better life for himself or figuring out ways to improve the world as a one, you’ll see Adekunle playing games with his mobile or watching his most-loved program, Family Guy, on YouTube.

While peace-making is among the strengths of his, Adekunle does not hesitate to stand up and confront any challenges head on should they arise. Are there any behaviors that might annoy his housemates? “The constant fact that I’m right, and to be honest I don’t ever speak to anyone I don’t understand might be considered to be irritating.

Additionally, I’ve learned that I make use of many big words in my speech,” he says with a laugh. Adekunle is hoping to be a winner this season on Big Brother Naija so he can assist his mother in paying off her loan, mortgage and other debts.


Full Name: Osy Allysyn Audu

Affectionate Allysyn says she is “a creative goofball who enjoys experiencing people”. She likes watching movies as well as modeling, hanging out with her friends, and creating herself a lip gloss whenever she’s not working as a Marketing and Sales Executive for a well-known car brand.

She regards herself as a faithful friend and is expecting the same kind of energy from the people close to her. She describes herself as she is a “huge fan of love”, Allysny is currently in the midst of a relationship and is enjoying “how love helps me see myself in a new light every day”.

After spending all her money in furniture to host an online show she wanted to launch on YouTube but then going through the motions after Covid struck, this 25-year old is determined to get the money back and some by winning Big Brother Naija. The hope is that her appearance in the reality show can help establish her own image. “I intend to pursue social media for a full time job I’d like to continue modeling, and I would like to become a television host.

What behaviors could cause a ruckus with her Housemates? “I take everything as a joke, and I like to do things in my own time,” she declares.


Full Name: Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo

26-year-old Dotun is employed at a institution as medical physiologist. He also is an individual trainer on days off. If he’s not exercising or helping people You’ll find this lively, competitive socialite enjoying films, cooking or gardening.

He says he is “fun, good looking and spontaneous” and says he does not shy away from any challenge. Dotun is aiming to take over the entertainment industry . He is counting being named”Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2018 as an honor, as does being named one of the university’s most outstanding students in his field one week later.

One of his favorite pastimes is to go about his life without a shirt and he admits that it typically irritates men who are insecure. “I’m opinionated and confident, and some people don’t like it much,” Dotun answers when asked on habits that might make his fellow Housemates feel in the wrong way. Dotun believes he has the perfect mix of excitement and competitiveness to ensure he stands on his own in Big Brother Naija House.


Full Name: Esther Chioma Ndubueze

22-year-old businesswoman Chomzy is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who loves the things that are easy to do like sewing, traveling, and working. She is not a fan of betrayers and snitches and is proud to be an incredibly resourceful and enthusiastic peoples person.

Chomzy claims she has the most loving family around the globe. “My parents and my siblings live in Nigeria and my father is located in Gabon. My family is extremely well and we all love one another, but I’m the most loved one,” she says with a smile. While she is single, this firecracker will be ready to fall in love when the right time comes along.

The most memorable moments of Chomzy’s life are the result of her pageant and modeling work, in addition to numerous awards she’s been awarded for her humanitarian work and school-related work.

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Chomzy believes that Big Brother Naija will make her famous and rich. “I want to be successful in my business and I want to find love too”.


Full Name: Gideon Anieti Nwawo

Whatever Giddyfia decides to do, he’s sure that he does it with enthusiasm. The engineer of 24 years is a team player who is hardworking with outstanding interpersonal skills, as well as lots of imaginative ideas.

The comedian is known for his laughter and jokes in serious situations, Giddyfia respects friendships and strives to stay clear of the drama and betrayal of others at any cost. Giddyfia has many friends, yet he is careful to allow only a few individuals in.

One of his greatest highlights is graduating from college with top marks. He is an avid fitness enthusiast and has even been awarded the 2019 Male Physique Of the Year’ prize in the college.

Giddyfia believes that he would be a great Housemate since He is compassionate, loving and smart. He is also fun to spend time with. “There are things about me that people will love to see and emulate,” Giddyfia says.


Full Name: Diana Isoken Edobor

Diana is 33 years old and a project manager from Edo State. Born in France but has since moved to Abuja her home. She is friendly and family-oriented. She is passionate about personal development, and enjoys exploring new cultures.

Diana loves friendship and believes in treating others the how she would like to be treated, with respect, loyalty, and love. respect. When you ask her about romantic relationships, Diana confirms that she is not in a relationship. “Guys consider me to be elegant, high maintenance and expensive to meet. When they finally become acquainted with me, they realize that I’m actually a friendly and down-to-earth individual,” she says.

This livewire wants to begin the career of her actor, establish friends with her and make use of her Big Brother Naija platform to build her brand and impact the world by addressing the issues of education, poverty as well as climate change.


Full Name: Hermes Chibueze Iyele

Performer Hermes has basketball as well as public speaking, as well as American flag football among a few of his passions.

The artist has been given the privilege to perform his original dances at some of the most prestigious festivals in Lagos, Glasgow and Rotterdam as well as in music videos featuring Afrobeats superstars like Burna Boy, Davido and Ajebo Hustlers.

Hermes is married to two women. He believes that this type of relationship is allowing each member to develop as individuals as well as collectively. One of his favorite characteristics is the honesty.” I’m one to tell the truth, but over time I’ve realised many people are not particularly fond of perspectives they don’t agree with, so I tell the truth, but diplomatically,” Hermes says.

Why the Big Brother Naija House? “I’d like to show people just how much the love and creativity that is built in such tight living circumstances can change the world and help people grow”.


Full Name: Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor

“Stripper by night and chef by day”. That’s only one of many interesting phrases that 22-year-old exotic dancer and chef Chichi describes herself. Chichi loves swimming, dancing and traveling and believes she is “an unshakeably ambitious goal-getter”.

Even though she endured a difficult growing up, Chichi has managed to overcome all of it and continues to find her individual path. She acknowledges that her bluntness might occasionally make people uncomfortable but she doesn’t care because she believes in honesty. “It’s either I say things the way they are, or I don’t say it at all”.

Chichi is hoping to appear the next contestant on Big Brother Naija to show the world that there’s more to this actress than what meets the eye. “I have numerous things to show and I am convinced that the world needs to be able to see me. “The Big Brother Naija House is the only spot that will provide me with that the spotlight” She says. Her hidden talent? working the pole Naturally!


Full Name: Segun Daniel Olusemo

Sheggz is a 26 year old player and actor living in England. After suffering an injury in his first year of playing, he has started acting again, and has recently landed a role in a play produced by Tola Odunsi.

The rapper describes his self by the name of “confident, but not cocky” and “the perfect mix of Lagos and London” Sheggz is a tireless worker as well as an intelligent worker and believes it’s crucial for him to have both. If needed, and also a good listener. Sheggz describes himself as easy to get along with, genuine and determined.

While he is currently single, he is in love with relationships and believes it’s crucial to find the right person. “I think it’s important to settle down with someone you genuinely connect with and not just for vibes,” he says.

Why Big Brother Naija? Sheggz believes he’s got something to share with the world. “Nigerians have talent, we have swag, we have vibes, we’re smart, we’re ambitious and to be honest, we’re all over the world smashing goals and achieving”.


  • Deji – Fake Housemate BBNaija Season 7

When creator of digital content Deji isn’t busy engaging in social media, you can find him displaying his extensive perfume collection on Instagram or enjoying his most-loved food of all time: the pounded yam and veggies.

Even though he entered the scene late, as an Fake Roommate Deji will make friends and charm his Housemates with his amiable manner and attractive appearance.

If asked about love or relationships Deji does not hesitate to confess that that he’s broken many hearts in the past and Wizkid’s hit song “Ojuelegba” is the ideal track to explain his relationship.

“It’s difficult to answer questions about relationships since I’ve broken so many hearts in the past. “I’m for street life.” He remarks with a smile.

Deji is eager for the viewers to witness his enthusiasm beautiful face, gorgeous look and positive attitude as he takes on Big Brother Naija Level Up House.


  • Modella – Fake Housemate BBNaija Season 7

“Queen of content” Modella is the newest member of”Queen of Content” Modela, the newest addition to Big Brother Naija Level Up House, is a bustling and confident woman who has many hats.

If she’s not entertaining the world with her amazing social media content she is able to act as an actor and stylist.

While her childhood goal to be a model like Naomi Campbell couldn’t materialise because her size, she’s compensated by holding the title of Miss Gorgeous Girl Nigeria 2021 pageant title.

Modella declares herself to be a charming personality who doesn’t like putting people off. She thinks that her Housemates will love her for being friendly and gives the right vibes.

One of the biggest fears that Modela has in her life? Not being able to pay the bills and having the ability to make the most of life

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