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Five Most Influential BBNaija Housemates Of All Time

 Big Brother Naija is the most popular reality TV game show that is currently airing in Africa. It’s also the most popular Big Brother franchise in the world at the moment. It has been proven to be an integral element of popular culture. Over the course of its five seasons the show has produced a number of stars and notable personalities in the world of entertainment.

Through the recently concluded “Lockdown” Season, Big Brother Naija generated more than 55 billion media impressions as well as 7.7 million accounts that used the phrase “BBNaija” over 20 million times on Twitter all by itself. This is according to statistics from the top tech, marketing, and media firm, ID Africa.

Social scientists, Dr. Olusola Ogunnubi as well as Akinlolu Akinola affirm the global impact of BBNaija through their paper on research “Big Brother Naija: What is Nigeria’s unreliable publicity campaign?

The newspaper claims that the international popularity of BBNaija is sufficient to be regarded as Nigeria’s most effective public relations strategy. This is due to the fact that throughout the show, viewers from all over the world are enticed by the drama while getting exposure to local culture aspects. From lifestyle to music and the interplay of pop and other areas Everything is exposed. Through highlighting this culture and promoting positive images of Nigeria to the world.’

This means that every household member on the show is automatically given some degree of fame and influence. But, certain housemates have more influence than others. By using the Social Media Ranking tool Social Cred, Netng carefully compared all housemates in the various BBNaija seasons to determine who holds greatest impact.Below are the top five most influential BBNaija housemates ever.

1. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is the most powerful housemate BBNaija is producing. Ebuka appeared in the very first season of Big Brother Naija, known in the day as “Big Brother Nigeria”. While he was ranked eighth spot during the 2006 edition of Big Brother the show has seen him be the most famous among the BBNaija housemates.

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SocialCred has him rated as a ‘Socialite’ Twitter just three ranks lower than “Icon,” the top rank of all. He has hosted on Big Brother Naija since its return in 2017 and it is possible that this is the reason why the number of followers he has on Twitter. Ebuka Also, he has an original Tweet to Retweet ratio of 2241 to 7 and an engagement percentage of 0.12 percent. His tweets get an average of 38 percent positive response and 34% neutral and a negative 28% response.

On Instagram the lawyer-turned-host has a follower count of 2,554,368 millions, engagement rates of 1.01 percent, and an impressive 24,536,769 million of likes. The staggering numbers have earned him the status of a Trendsetter on SocialCred which is the highest rank achieved by anybody else on the Big Brother Naija housemate ever.

2. Natacha Akide Tacha had already won the ‘Big Brother Naija , Pepper Dem at the time that Big Brother disqualified her for inflicting physical injury to a housemate. But, prior to her disqualification, she’d created a fan-base of “Titans”. They have kept her in the spotlight each day since she first arrived at Big Brother’s house in the year 2019.

SocialCred has her rated as an A-Lister, the second-highest among BBNaija alumni who are on Twitter. She enjoys 681,570 fans on Twitter with an original tweet , versus the retweet ratio of 29:9 with her engagement level is 0.42 percent Her tweets are receiving an average of 38 percent positive response and 46% neutral and a negative 14% response.

For Instagram, Tacha has a following of 1,472,127 millions with the engagement percentage is 7.44 percent, and a total 989,363 million of likes. Socialcred rates her as an ‘Instagram Trendsetter’ social media app for sharing photos and videos.

3. Mike Edwards: Before the house was built, Mike already had made an image for himself as a professional high-jump athlete as well as the founder of Britain’s first black-owned Cigar brand, Aireyys. The man, however, gained fame after his appearance on the season premiere of the show in 2019.

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Since his appearance in Big Brother, he has grown in popularity and is currently averaging the following of 359,878 on his Twitter. The app for ranking social media, Social Cred ranks him as a “Big Shot’. The tweet he wrote is original and a Retweets ratio of 2:3 and his engagement percentage is 0.42 percent and his tweets get an average of 48 percent positive response with 42% being neutral and 10% of the negative feedback.

On Instagram Mike’s account is filled with gorgeous fashion pictures as well as workout videos and glimpses into his personal life has garnered the account 1,419,509 followers. Social Cred ranks him as “Trendsetter,” and is engaged at 2.68 percent, and 12924,885 million followers.

4. Tobi Bakre soared to fame after finishing as a finalist in Big Brother Naija ‘Double Wahala in the year 2018. The 25-year-old , who was an investment banker prior to the show quit the banking sector. Since the show’s debut, he’s been a performer who has been in numerous blockbusters. He is also a published photographer host, model, host and one of the most prominent influencers of brands in Nigeria.

He is able to count on the appreciation from his fans who, in large part, were enthralled by his appearance on the show as well as his appearances in various films. Today, Tobi Bakre has gathered 361,753 followers on Twitter. Social Cred ranks him as Big Shot on the microblogging application. The tweet he wrote is original and a Retweets ratio of 17:5, and an average engagement of 0.11 percent and his tweets get an average of 77 positive with 23% of them being neutral and a zero negative response.

In Instagram, Tobi has mastered the art of sharing pictures that instantly give you “fear of missing out” (FOMO). Tobi currently has a following of 1 939,776. His engagement rate is of 1.39 percent and has an overall total of 23,819,958 million followers. Social Cred also rates him as a Trendsetter on the application.

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5. Nina Chinonso onyenubi: The former housemate gained fame due to her appearance on ‘BBNaija double Wahala’. The current number of followers is 145,226 with an original tweet and a the retweet ratio of 31%, and an average engagement of 0.52 percent. Her tweets get an average of 46% positive and 40% neutral and a negative 14% response. SocialCred has her rated as an ‘Big Shot’ on Twitter.

In Instagram, Nina has gathered 237,296 million followers. Nina is part of an elite group of Big Brother Naija alumni ranked as the ‘Trendsetter’ on Instagram. Her engagement rate is of 2.14 percent, and the total of 11,002,762 millions of followers.

Chief Executive Director for ID Africa, Femi Falodun Femi Falodun, the ID Africa Chief Executive Officer, explains why BBNaija has the ability to produce stars with such power. According to him, “Reality television, more than any else, provides its participants with the public’s attention and high-level recognition. The only thing a BBNaija housemate has to do is to back up the media’s powerful exposure with real talent and a value proposition for their fans , particularly in the fields of pop culture, media and entertainment. If the former BBNaija housemate was capable of immediately leveraging their strengths then they will be unstoppable. We saw this happen when we watched Ebuka, Uti, Tobi Bakre, Bisola and others.’

Five Former Big Brother Naija housemates have established themselves in the top ten most powerful members of the show through their constant social media posts and constant exposure in the media, and the enormous influence they exert on their respective fandoms.

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