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Eutelsat chooses fortinet appliances to block spam

Are you looking for eutelsat chooses fortinet appliances to block spam then this article is for you with all the necessary information.

The business Eutelsat has a Fortinet appliance to make it easier to control and filter its flow of electronic messages.

Like many businesses today, Eutelsat, which employs 780 people across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and America, is totally dependent on its messaging service. Unfortunately, the system that protected the mailboxes for the corporation that specialized in telecommunications and satellite television programming was starting to show its limitations. Two issues dominated the situation we were in. First of all, we frequently received bogus emails that seemed to be from our colleagues but were not. Stphane Xavier Carpentier, manager of Eutelsat’s message and server infrastructure, reveals that the second issue was caused by emails with.zip scam attachments that went undetected. In response to this discovery, the business started looking for a system that could efficiently manage and filter its email flows. Eutelsat ultimately turned its attention to Fortinet’s after conducting multiple tests.

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Two FortiMail-400C devices, one situated at the Paris headquarters and the other at the Rambouillet emergency location, were provided to Eutelsat by the American corporation. These dedicated servers can filter 320,000 emails per hour using a combination of anti-spam, antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-malware, and data leak prevention features. Thus, the issues with viruses and bogus mails at Eutelsat have been completely eliminated. Due to their options, the FortiMail-400Cs could be implemented without significantly altering the infrastructure or interrupting service. The project’s cost has not been made public.

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