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Build security elastic strengthens cloud application security network 19216801login

Are you looking for build security elastic strengthens cloud application security network 19216801login then this article is for you.

Elastic is bolstering its position in the administration of security policies and authorizations for cloud applications and services by purchasing the startup build.security. The Elastic Security entity in Israel will have its bridgehead formed by the startup team.

Amit Kanfer and Dekel Braunstein founded build.security in January 2020, and it has all the characteristics of a cutting-edge start-up. The orchestration of security rules and authorizations for multicloud and containerized applications and services is a very sensitive topic, so the company made a statement by raising $ 6 million (seed funds) in November 2020. George Kurtz, CEO and co-founder of CrowdStrike, took part in a round table discussion. And it was precisely this new growth that attracted Elastic’s attention to the point where it decided to buy it back.

The build.security Authorization Policy Management solution performs a number of crucial tasks, including tracking authorizations at the code level, regulating access and rules, and monitoring security policies and their effects on production in real time. Elastic plans to use build.security to strengthen the security entity it established in Israel in 2019. This entity will include all of the start-up’s original members, with the exception of Dekel Braunstein, who left the group in March 2021 to concentrate on its business angel work. The transaction’s value has not been disclosed; it must be finished by the end of October 2021.

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Elastic already doped with SIEM and XDR

With complete insight into production access control behaviour, policy change tracking, and crucial performance indicators, the build.security control plane enables application policies to be monitored and maintained in one location. (Attribution: build.security)

The creator of the well-known Elasticsearch engine has made significant investments in cybersecurity since they understand that the creation of multicloud and containerized apps and services must adhere to the adage “security by design.” Elastic struck the mark in early August by combining this technology with expanded response capabilities to security events. Elastic acquired Endgame for $ 234 million in 2019 to boost its response to security event management (SIEM) issues. incidences of threat with Limitless XDR.

In addition to APM, Elastic has started working on the CNCF-recognized Open Policy Agent (OPA) project, in which build.security is involved. OPA attempts to respond to many use cases in terms of enhancing security policies by using a single rules language in conjunction with a decision engine. According to build.security, OPA was immediately integrated at the platform’s core to give access authorization to application HTTP frameworks, reverse proxies, API gateways, and even further, up to the Kubernetes API server, with the aid of runtime admission controllers.

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