5 moments from the BBNaija Reunion show

 The Big Brother Naija reunion kicked off on the 14th of June 17 , and it has been full in drama, excitement and controversy. Although the Reunion show was a complete success on the 21st of June, which was Monday There are some instances that have left people’s tongues turning and raising eyebrows.

The members of the house were gathered to discuss the events of their time inside the home. The archrivals reminisced about their fight; Others have also made amends. But, there are some household members who have been making headlines because of their actions and their willingness to cause chaos and chaos.

In the ongoing Reunion show The Lockdown group of housemates have been able to maintain their audiences on the top of their game.

See the five jaw-dropping highlights from this year’s Reunion Show.

1. Lucy gets beaten up Kaisha

On June 24 on the 6th episode of BBNaija Reunion program gave viewers what they’ve always wanted to watch. The actual incident of the century occurred that of Lucy Kaisha and Lucy. Kaisha.

What caused this conflict?

The fight started when Kaisha recounted the incident in which Ka3na apparently scolded her mother when they were out partying with her.

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According to Kaisha her mother was a fan of Ka3na and asked for a picture with Ka3na.

The woman revealed that her mother initially made contact with Lucy before directing Zainab, her younger sister Zainab to inquire Ka3na the BBNaija alumni, to take the picture. However, she requested them to inform her mother to visit her table. Her comments she received were deemed rude.

Ka3na however, claimed that she believed they were discussing Kaisha’s manager. Lucy. who supported Ka3na for this. She did not provide a reason for why she did not deliver the message, when required to.

The show continued to air, and Kaisha was adamant for the entire cast to not talk about their mother. Lucy was furious and asked whether her mother was a fruit, and then insisting that it was talking about fruit. This upset Kaisha whom she then kicked a ball at Lucy and provoked an altercation.

Lucy was later seen taken away without her wig.

She also talked about Kaisha having a violent personality and threatened to assault her.

2. Kaisha exposes Neo she is exposing, and Neo says he wants to play her

Vee and Neo’s romance came under serious hits on Wednesday night after Kaisha’s surprise revelation of Neo’s romance with her

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While Kaisha was kicked out of the contest in the initial stages, she nonetheless was a major contributor to the unrest at the Reunion event.

She revealed an incredibly shocking truth about Neo who is in a relationship Vee.

3. Tolanibaj claims intimacy with Prince was untrue, but regrets it

On the 7th episode of BBNaija Lockdown Reunion that aired on June 25, 2016 on Friday Tolanibaj was the talk of the town in her interview about her love affair with Prince.

She admitted that she was disappointed and that she regrets having ever been associated with the man.

As she said, this romance occurred because she was feeling’ Prince at the time.

She added:

“I 100 percent regret it.

It was absurd I’m sure. I was expecting more from someone who “carries shoulder”.

You could have impressed me however you didn’t.”

4. KiddWaya denies displaying family wealth on national television

Billionaire heir KiddWaya did not deny boasting about his father’s wealth during this fourth installment of BBNaija Reunion.

On the BBNaija reunion show on 23 June Kaisha called Kiddwaya out on certain statements he made at the house , which suggested that he was showcasing the wealth of his father.

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In his reply Kiddwaya said that he had been doing his regular life, and it seemed to suggest that the wealth he had was being displayed to her.

Kiddwaya , the son of billionaire, Terry Waya. The reality star from Benue was involved in a dramatic relationship with Erica on BBNaija. BBNaija show.

5. Dorathy is slamming Prince and claims she was not sincere with him

In the episode on Friday of the show Dorathy explained her her ex-housemate Prince had to leave was due to Prince’s “insincerity”.

Prince who was in intimate relationship Dorathy and Dorathy, said that she had blocked him from every messaging site due to the fact that he had ‘ruined’ their relationship.

By Adebayo Falana

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