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10 memorable moments from Shine Ya Eye final Saturday party

 The 10th and last Saturday Night Party was more than just a reunion. Twenty housemates who had been evicted stayed up all night with the remaining six housemates and the finalists.

As viewers in the millions and ex-housemates wait to find out who will win who will win BBNaija Shine Your Eye Edition Big Brother surprised the six contestants and the audience by inviting 20 former housemates to join each other in the same place.

Two DJs and one show, the 26 housemates drank hard on the final Saturday night Party at The Big Brother Naija House.

In their different outfits, the finalist rocked the theme of The Champions in a way that only they could.

Below are 10 unforgettable moments from the party:

1. Partying in a partition

The Champions event was one that had twists. As it had been in previous seasons, Big Brother surprised the remaining six housemates by bringing back the 19 housemates, including KayVee who walked out of the show due to medical reasons.

While the former housemates were inside the room to dance with the housemates who were left A solid glass partition at the dance floor was a barrier that separated them from the finalist.

The housemates could look at their former housemates, but they couldn’t reach them. The shock and awe was left on the six finalists triggered other moments throughout the evening.

2. All the housemates gathered for the first time.

In the very first night in 10-weeks, 26 housemates who took part at BBNaija Shine Ya Eye. BBNaija Shine Ya Eye partied all night. The 19 housemates that were kicked out and KayVee joined dancing earlier, while the six finalists were playing with a game designed to prepare them for the house. After the ex-housemates of 20 were settled in, Big Brother brought in the six finalist, who yelled, jumped and expressed shock at the sight of their former housemates.

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3. A double DJ to finish off the season

As it’s been a tradition for Big Brother The DJs were employed to bring joy as well as entertainment for the housemates. The past nine Saturday Night events have been a source of entertainment for the best and worst of some of the housemates , thank you DJs. This year’s Champions Party wasn’t any different because DJ Embassy and DJ Demola arrived with a plan. The beginning of the evening featured DJ Demola spinning on wheels of steel, and DJ Embassy offered the guests something unique to take home for the next part of the evening.

4. An A-Nini sans Saga

The party on Saturday night saw people who love Nini and Saga thinking about what exactly is happening between the two pals. Saga and Nini were among of the most popular dancers during the time, were unable to dance during the entire three-hour celebration. If you’ve been following the entire season right from the beginning, you’re probably concerned when the final Saturday night celebration began in a manner that saw Saga and Nini segregating themselves from one from one another. While the pair did dance for a short time however, they were in two different areas of the party space all the evening.

But, Nini began the night with an exchange of words with Maria before retreating to the corner from the party, to dance in front of the reflection of the mirror.

5. Saskay was dancing all night, but without Jaypaul

Saskay and Jaypaul both caused fans and viewers to wonder what was going on after two weeks since their expulsion. The truth is that Jaypaul was present at the event, but he didn’t look Saskay in the same way while dancing with the rest of the housemates, with the exception of Saskay. While the fans tried to figure out Saga and Nini’s separation, Saskay and Jaypaul’s distance defeated the expectations of viewers and viewers of the show. The pair who were unbreakable throughout their time in the house , avoided one another for the entire the evening.

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6. JMK, Princess, Jackie B flaunt derrieres

Three of the housemates evicted who were at the champions’ party with the sole intention of causing confusion to viewers and their housemates by showing off their thighs, consist of JMK, Princess, and Jackie B. The three former housemates of females have left the male evicted housemates in awe as they performed a variety of dancing moves that were sexy in the presence of DJ Demola as well as DJ Embassy’s magical. The trio of ex-housemates wore snug-hugging short-skirted dresses that had all male housemates looking at them with six contestants hailed the trio.

7. The shoes gave way

For most of the female exiled housemates, the gorgeous stilettos which complemented their outfits changed just 45 minutes into the celebration. Housemates such as Saskay, JMK, and Princess were a bit stifled by the stilettos, and decided to take them off before getting completely into the groove. Maria was the only one who wore her stilettos for the majority of the portion of the evening At some point, she removed them to allow her to get down on the dance floor.

8. A rarely calm Queen

One of the housemates evicted who didn’t seem to care about getting back together with the finalist and remained remarkably calm through the 3 hours Champion event, was Queen. The housemate who was kicked out who arrived at the show in the second week , and went home in the ninth week and spent 7 weeks inside the home was remarkably serene. After spotting a transparent gown, Queen was tied in a corner of the room for the party throughout the evening. With the exception of a few male housemates who made their way to her spot she remained in the corner, dancing gently in front of the mirror. Nearby was Nini who was also uncharacteristically calm and never was seen dancing or interacting with other housemates who had escaped.

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9. KayVee finds its groove again, but Beatrice is still in a lonely

Six months after KayVee quit the show due to medical reasons, he returned with a grin. KayVee was dressed like an million dollars at the Champion’s Party. He looked gorgeous dressed in a suit and turtle neckshirt. KayVee has a twin named Yerins who was wearing the same outfit. KayVee was sure to dance and grooved to the music that were blasting through the speakers of the room where the party was. He even enticed all female housemates in an evening of dancing and a dance, including Nini Queen, KayVee, as well as lonely Beatrice. Beatrice isn’t yet warm to the other housemates who were evicted at least, after 8 weeks since her expulsion. Beatrice seemed unattractive and alone danced by herself, with the exception of the occasional time that male housemates pushed her into dancing.

10. Six finalists shined in the spotlight after housemates were evicted.

The 20 former housemates of The BBNaija Shine Your Eye edition generally outdid the six finalist. The six finalists appeared more stunned to watch that the remaining 20 housemates danced however, spent their time watching and admiring their housemates on the opposite end in the space. Six of the finalists were drinking the alcohol content, and left Liquorose a little intoxicated at the end of the night. Niyi assured that the former housemates took a few shots of alcohol and some of them were left a little drunk even after exchanging goodbyes with the six finalist.

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